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From: Ann Douglas
Subject: "Hailing Frequencies Open" FF - (1/1) Hailing Frequencies Open
by Ann Douglas
(ann_douglashotmail.com)The following is a work of erotic fiction and includes scenes
of sexual activity. It includes characters that are copyrighted
by Paramount Pictures. This story is intended for the
non-commercial enjoyment of fans and should be considered
a parody. No copyright infringement is 346 mens pants intended and no profit
will be made from the distribution of this story.Written for the lolta 12y Femme Fuh-Q Fest -http://femmefuhqfest.svpress.us/ James Kirk was dead. No matter how many times the fifty-four year old
Commander had repeated that simple phrase in her mind, she
still found it almost impossible to accept. How often over the
last three decades had she'd heard them uttered, only to have
them disproved as the Captain managed to change the odds
once again. If the latest proclamation had come from anyone
other than Pavel, she would still be waiting for Jim Kirk to show
up and prove everyone wrong. But this time there would be no miracle escape. This
time, the former Communications Officer of the USS
Enterprise would have to accept the hours old communication as
fact. Only legends lived forever, not the men who made them. Club 606 had been a Starfleet bar for as long as there
had been a Starfleet. The walls were covered with mission
patches and other paraphernalia dating back over a hundred
years. One wall held photographs of the men and women who
had pushed the envelope in those early days of warp flight and
made Starfleet what it was today. The names of Jonathan
Archer, A.G. Robinson, Erika Hernandez and "Trip" Tucker were
but a few of the honored. Another wall held a collection of
ship's insignia from the days when each starship crew wore a
different design. It was a source of pride to the veteran
officer that the delta arrow worn by the crew of Enterprise
was later adopted as the standard for the entire Fleet. Tonight, as on most nights, the club was filled with
officers and crewmen from Starfleet Command as well as those
ships in orbit around Earth. ass stretcher 4 Few of them failed to recognize
the veteran Commander, who had returned to the teaching post
at the Academy she had occupied at various points in her
career. A prize post she had willingly, even eagerly, abandoned
when James Kirk had called and asked her to rejoin his
command crew. For all the awards that 12yr porn
a grateful Federation
had bestowed, none meant more to her than the simple right to
say, "yes, I was there." That she'd served on both of Kirk's
five-year missions as well as the epic adventures beyond. But those days were now gone, never to return. The
Captain was dead and there would girls under 28 porn
be no more adventures. Deep
in her heart, Nyota Uhura wished at least one of her old
friends were still on Earth, so that she could have someone with
which to share the pain. But Scottie and Chekov, both of who
had joined the Captain to help celebrate the launch of the
Enterprise - B, were still at least a day's journey away as the
damaged starship limped home. And even then there would be
the inevitable debriefing that would run on forever, as if the
inquires of desk bound Admirals could change the facts. And Sulu, dear Hikaru, was off on Excelsior, the starship
he had waited so long for 1860 pregnant atire
and so richly deserved. And with him,
serving as his Communication's Officer, was Janice Rand, her
friend and lover of many years past. She knew they both would
move the heavens themselves to get back for the memorial that
was already being planned, but that was days in 12yr porn the future. Spock had returned to Vulcan after the Enterprise - A
had been decommissioned following the Khitomer Mission. The
last that she'd heard was that he'd resigned his Starfleet
commission to join the Vulcan Diplomatic Corps. It was already
being whispered that someday he would replace his father,
Sarek, as that world's Ambassador At Large. Finally, even Doctor McCoy, who never left Earth these
days, had done so to watch sex incest 3-d cartoons his granddaughter graduate from
the Vulcan Science Academy. He would return with Spock for
the memorial of course, but again that would be at the end of
the week. Several times, Nyota had caught glances from the
starshipmen around her. She knew what they expected from
her, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. It was a tradition
older than even the Federation, to drink a toast to a fallen
comrade. But one who had served with them could only properly
raise the toast, and as unlikely as it seemed, no one else in the
bar qualified. To drink that toast, to raise her glass and call
for all others to do the same, would be to finally admit that he
was gone. And as much as her mind said it was so, her heart
still couldn't bear to 10 minute phone sex
agree. The sudden clanking of a three hundred year old ship's
bell a minute later caused both Uhura and just about everyone
in the tightly packed bar to turn and look to the small platform
in the corner that had once served as the bridge of a
nineteenth century clipper ship. Standing there, clad in the
burgundy uniform of a full Commander was a tall, fiftyish
blonde, wearing the accouterments of the Communications
Division. In her hand she held a crystal tumbler, filled almost
to the rim with Saurian Brandy. "Ladies and Gentlemen mexican sex scandal tube8 of the Fleet," the woman called
out in a powerful yet controlled voice, "I ask you to stand up
with me and raise a glass to party sex 3gp
the memory of the best of us." Almost in unison, every person in the bar took amateur hand 20 their glass
in hand and rose to their feet. Recognition and relief filled
Uhura's eyes as she did so as well. Finally a familiar face, she
thought, one that could render the honors that she couldn't. "To James T. Kirk," the Commander echoed, "Captain,
explorer, hero and friend." The words were simple; they didn't need to be anything
more. Many times in the days to come, personages of station
would recount in detail the deeds of James Kirk. But among
those he called his fellows, such adulation was as unneeded as it
would've been unseemly. "James T. Kirk," the assembled echoed in return as they
lifted their drinks and then downed them in one quick 15 y.o. girls shot. Honors rendered, the blonde stepped 13 yr small tits down from the
impromptu stage 80 s stripped music
and headed immediately to where Uhura was
standing. Before Nyota could say a word, the new arrival threw
her arms around her and kissed her cheek, the tears that had
been held back during the toast now making an appearance. "Oh Nyota, I'm so sorry," Elizabeth Palmer said as she
held her one time superior officer. "I couldn't believe it when I
heard it on the Comm channels." "As much as I didn't want to believe it myself, I'm afraid
it's really true," Uhura replied as she returned both 85 pontiac trans am the hug
and the kiss. "At least he went out like he would've wanted to,"
Elizabeth offered, "saving the Enterprise." "Even if it wasn't his 48 star flag vintage Enterprise," Uhura nodded her
head, thinking that the center seat of the vessel that had left
orbit early this morning belonged to John Harriman and not
James Kirk. That was the reason she hadn't accepted her own
invitation to attend the launch. It seemed so strange to her to have 16 yers hardcore
anyone else sit in
that seat, even if mentally she knew nude 12yo art that made no sense. Other
Captains had sat in that chair, Robert April, Christopher Pike,
Will Decker, and even Spock, and all had a part in the history of
Enterprise. Just like the crewmen who, unlike her, had come aboard,
served a few years, and then moved on, never to return. A
class that Elizabeth certainly fell into, yet that made it no less
right for her to have given the toast. It was the loss of the
Captain that made her feel this way she knew, and she also
knew that James Kirk would be the first to say accept what had
happened and move on. He did what he had to do, and so should
she. "So how are things going on the Lexington?" Nyota asked
to change the subject as one of the bartenders refilled Uhura's
drink and poured one for the new arrival. "About what you'd expect," Elizabeth said as she took a
short taste of her drink. "Captain Lincoln expects a lot from
his department heads, but I had a good teacher." Uhura smiled. Elizabeth had 08 trans am
spent her time on
Enterprise serving first as the relief communications officer
and then later deputy department head. Even before her
posting, the two of them had been friends, having been in the
same year at the Academy. Both being in Communications, their
classes were always overlapping and during their last term they
had even roomed together. They spent the next half hour catching up, sharing
information about common friends, recounting tales of days
long past. The only problem was, try as they could 260 latex balloons to avoid it,
the conversation always came back to the one that brought the
both of them to Club 606. "You know what we really need 1045 tgp steel to do?" Elizabeth asked. "No, what?" Nyota asked in return, even though she had
a good idea of the answer. "We need to get out of here and let it all come out," the
blonde haired commander replied. "Where we can be just
friends dealing with a loss, and not officers and gentlebeings." "My apartment is only about ten minutes from here,"
Nyota replied, the decision made instantly. "I'll order us a bottle to go then," Elizabeth said. "No, don't bother," Nyota said as she placed her hand on
Elizabeth's arm to keep her from calling the bartender. "I have
a bottle of "clear blue" that I've been saving for the amateur porn 18 right
occasion. It was a gift from the Captain on my fiftieth
birthday, and I can't think of a better time to drink it." "Really?" Elizabeth said in surprise, remembering that
was the code word they'd used back in the day to refer to illicit
bottles of Romulan Ale. A drink that was as prized as much as
it was forbidden. "Let's go," Uhura said as she left her thumbprint on a
padd to settle her tab at the bar. -=-=-=- An hour later, the newly opened bottle of ale showed
considerable use as Nyota and Elizabeth sat back on the large
plush couch that rested against the bay window of Uhura's
apartment. Both had changed into more 1980 s sex comfortable civilian
attire, Elizabeth having had her shore leave bag beamed down
from Lexington. They had again taken up the subject of common friends,
but this time covering areas much more personal than could be
covered in a public setting. Of past lovers and would be lovers.
Both women laughed when they realized that in at least one
case, they both 18-25 sexy women had slept with the same man. "Was there any woman on Enterprise who didn't sleep
with Lieutenant Leslie at one time or another?" Elizabeth
laughed. "I'm beginning to think not?" Nyota grinned. "What was
it about him that everyone seemed to find so fascinating. I
can't remember." "Well, I know a few others who enjoyed the a1 breast Lieutenant's
charms, 12yo fucking and almost to a woman, they said he reminded them of
Captain Kirk," Elizabeth offered. "Really?" Nyota asked, "I never saw him 1045 tgp steel that way." "Well, if anyone would be in a position to know, I guess
you would," the blonde said with a sly grin on her face. "I have no idea sex girl 12-16 y.o.
what you're talking about," Nyota said,
with a look and tone that said exactly the opposite. "Oh come on, Nyota, there's no reason to deny it
anymore," Elizabeth said as she leaned closer, "Everyone's
heard the rumor that you and the Captain had ..." The words didn't need to be said, Nyota had been hearing
the rumor for twenty years. Perhaps it was time to set the
record straight. "Okay, but I still don't want this to be common
knowledge," the dark skinned woman began, waiting until her
guest nodded in acknowledgement before continuing. 14 porno free "Yes, Jim
and I did have a brief encounter a long way back. But it was
before he was given Enterprise. I don't want anyone thinking he
would've compromised his position by having a fling with a
subordinate." age 13-17 nudist pics Elizabeth nodded her acknowledgement. "It was back when I was a newly promoted Ensign, waiting
for my first assignment and he was Second Officer on the
Republic, which was in spacedock for repairs." Nyota began,
putting the incident in perspective. "We met one night, believe
it or not, at Club 606. It might be nice to say we had a deep
meaningful relationship, but to be honest I'd have to say we
were both young, lonely and very horny." "Not that there's anything wrong with that," Elizabeth
quipped with a smile. 65 sex clips
A smile that was echoed TUBE HORSE P9RNO SEX by Nyota. "So as 12yo sister torrent an old friend, I can now ask you the question that
just about every woman who ever served aboard Enterprise
always wanted to ask," Elizabeth booty 911
went on, her grin 14 yo gierl porn growing
more mischievous. "How was it?" 775 socket bare bones The older woman took a long moment before answering,
taking a sip of her ale while she considered her reply. "Well, we both were a lot younger back then," she began,
"and a lot more inexperienced you understand." "Of course." "But I can honestly say," she continued, her smile
becoming broader, "that even back then, there's no way you
could ever mistake Leslie for Jim Kirk, at least free 10min cumshot movies
not in that
regard. And that, is all I'm ever going to say on that matter." "Really," Elizabeth replied, the single word filled with
envy as she remembered how impressed she'd been with Leslie
after their night together. It was nice to know that part of
Kirk's legend was as true as his Captainship. "What about you?" Nyota asked. "What about me?" "I'm sure there was some secret lover in your past that
you never told anyone about," Nyota continued, her smile now
turning from mischievous to wicked as 15 y.o. girls the stress of the long
day was washed away by the potent ale. "I'm afraid my great secret would be the one that got
away," Elizabeth answered, gay vitrolles13127 over a touch of sadness in her tone. "You let the party sex 3gp
big one get away?" Uhura laughed softly,
"Somehow I find that hard to believe." "Well there were extenuating circumstances." "Such as?" "Such as she was involved with someone else, at 16 yers hardcore least at
first," Elizabeth confessed. "And then later, I just couldn't
seem to get her interest." "Then she was a fool," Nyota exclaimed, downing the last
of her ale. "I never thought her that," Elizabeth said in defense of
her unrequited lover. "There was also the problem that she was
my superior officer." "Your superior ..." The senior Commander started to
repeat, then paused as understanding washed over her. "Oh
God, Elizabeth, I never knew." "I know," the blonde simply replied, then added, "Even
back in our Academy days, you sometimes had problems with
short range communications." "I guess I wish I could say that I've gotten better at
them since then," Nyota offered, "but obviously I haven't, at
least in some areas." "Well, I learned anything from my time on Enterprise, it
was that phrase that Mr. Spock was so fond of saying,"
Elizabeth smiled as she put the last of her own drink down and
moved even closer to her hostess. "That there are always
possibilities." -=-=-=- Few words needed to be said after that. They'd been
friends for far too long not to know that both needed the
other. Pain shared was pain halved, Elizabeth remembered
being told by booty 911
her grandmother when she was young. Nyota, on
the big boobs 80s porn other hand, remembered the words of her own mother who
had always told her that there was no better way to deal with
the sorrow of death than by celebrating the joy of life. Their first kiss was that between friends, but filled with
the promise of what could be. The second more intense as
Elizabeth pressed her tongue between Nyota's lips to deeply
explore her mouth. At the same time, the blonde brought the
palm of her hand to rest against her fellow communications
officer's right breast. Through the 15 y.o. girls thin age 15 xxx pics
material of Uhura's
dress, she could 1045 tgp steel feel the hardness of her nipple and the
warmth of the flesh around it. Elizabeth smiled as she
remembered how many nights she had hungered for the near
perfect mounds. As they continued to kiss, Nyota reached out to also
explore Elizabeth's body. The loose two-piece suit her guest
had changed into was hardly designed for easy access, but
Uhura was sure she wouldn't be wearing it much 2 DOGS 1 GIRL longer. Almost
as if she was reading her mind, 18 nude pussy Elizabeth reached up and pulled
down the zipper that held the short-sleeved top together. Her
blouse fell open, exposing the naked breasts beneath. Nyota took her cue and immediately ran her ringers
across both globes, circling the bright pink areola and tickling
the thick pert stubs standing in the centers. A soft moan
spilled from Elizabeth's lips, one that grew in volume and
intensity as the dark skinned lover leaned forward and 13 and gay planted
a kiss on each nipple, pausing at each just long enough to run her
tongue across them. "Why don't we fucking girle age 16 take a moment to get more comfortable,"
Nyota suggested as she lifted herself back up. Eager to do just that, Elizabeth had her top off before
her hostess had even finished the suggestion. Her equally loose
fitting slacks only took a short time more. Nyota rose to work
her way out of her dress, but as she reached for the clasp
behind her neck, another hand stopped her. "No, let me," Elizabeth said as she pressed up against
Nyota from behind. "I've waited a long time to do this." "Of course," the older officer said as she removed her
hands. Only a single clasp held 2 DOGS 1 GIRL the blue dress around the
full-bodied woman and once undone, the flowing garment
fluttered to the floor. Before it fell all the way there,
Elizabeth's hands were on Nyota's breasts, her fingers
caressing the rich chocolate flesh that her bra didn't cover.
Then they slipped under that thin, but strong material, to slide
across the skin beneath, closing around the thick, hard tips. "Oh yes," amateur hand 20 16 yers hardcore Nyota purred as she closed her eyes for a
moment, tilting her head back to meet Elizabeth's for a brief
kiss. Even as their lips met 1981 new mom ornament Cs130 alt
again, the blonde's fingers had
moved to the hook holding the twin hemispheres of her 2 dicked man porn bra
together. A hook that quickly gave way, releasing their prize.
Elizabeth backed away just far enough to slide off the now
unnecessary undergarment, then quickly closed her hands
around Nyota's breasts again. She squeezed them tightly, playing with the excited
flesh even as her mouth covered Uhura's neck and back with
kisses. TUBE HORSE P9RNO SEX One hand worked its way down across Nyota's stomach,
pushing down the simple white panties boy 13 yo naked that held an even greater
jewel. Nyota gasped as she felt two fingers enter her, brushing
against the sensitive walls of her womanhood. Slipping in and
out of the woman in her arms, Elizabeth was nevertheless
unwilling to relinquish the large brown mounds she had just
uncovered. Her other age 15 xxx pics hand continued to play with them at the
same 196 ford escort diesel
time. Soon enough, both hands moved in unison, bringing
Uhura waves free 10min cumshot movies of delight from both directions. Long gasps became shorter as Elizabeth worked her
magical fingers faster and faster, teasing Nyota's warm, wet
flesh. Her kisses became feverish, reflecting the heat in both
their bodies. A third, then a fourth finger joined the first two,
with the pace of their motion nearly doubled. Back and forth they rocked, pressed so tightly together
as to be almost one. The raging fires within Uhura quickly built
to a conflagration. Even as her short gasps truncated into even
briefer grunts. Until they suddenly exploded, along with her
body, into an almost silent but still shattering scream. "E...liz...a...beth!" Nyota cried out as her body shuddered
in Elizabeth's tight embrace. Elizabeth continued to hold her tightly until the last of
the tremors subsided. Once they did, she again tilted Nyota's
head back and kissed her again, sharing the feelings she had
brought her old friend. "Elizabeth, I don't know what to say," Uhura said with a
warm smile as she bathed in the afterglow of her orgasm. "I
never imagined you could do anything like that." "Well it wasn't like I never tried to tell you," Elizabeth
grinned, "going back twenty years if you remember." "Well, I promise you this," Nyota said as she turned
around in Elizabeth's arms and kissed her hard, "the next time
you want to send me a message, I'll have all my hailing
frequencies open." With that promise still echoing on her lips, Nyota took
Elizabeth by the hand and led her into the adjoining bedroom.
Half as large as the outer room, it was dominated by a large,
oversized platform bed in the center. Like the rest of the
apartment, the bedroom was decorated with an eclectic mix of
artifacts, collected on a hundred worlds. A large double bay
window displayed a magnificent view of the Golden Gate Bridge,
and filled the chamber with the soft light of an early moon. Stripping themselves of the last of their undergarments,
the two women took a moment to appreciate the other. Despite
both being on the near side of fifty, their bodies defied the
calendar. In a world where luxury and leisure time had risen to
practically an art form, a life spent in Starfleet had kept them
both in excellent shape. They approached the bed from opposite sides, meeting in
the center with a hungry kiss. Tongues interlocked as strong,
yet soft hands caressed eager flesh. Arms wrapped around the
other, they savored the passion of each other's desire. A desire that ranma 1 2 hentai soon took control as Elizabeth cradled
Nyota's large breasts in her hands, playing with them as she
rubbed her thumbs against the dark nipples. Tilting her head
downward, she ran age 15 xxx pics
her tongue across the inviting mounds,
leaving a wet trail across their breadth as she moved from one
to the other, and then back again. Pausing each time to take
the erect niblets between her lips and suck on them deeply. Running her fingers through Elizabeth's hair, offering
sweet encouragements, Uhura again asked herself how she
could 7 month pregnant ever have failed to pick up the signals from her one time
roommate. After all, she'd always had a thing for blondes. No
matter, she answered herself, what was important was 14 porno free that she
had SEX TUB4 DOG PORNO a chance to make up for it now. Shifting positions, Nyota brought her own mouth to play
against the bright pink nipples of the blonde's smaller breasts.
A loud, satisfying sigh filled the air as Elizabeth closed her
eyes and delighted in the 13 yr small tits embrace of her lover's wet warmth. Back and forth they went, alternating their kisses
between both the other's mouth and breasts. Nipples pressed
against, nipples, lips against lips, and tongues against tongues, as
well as every combination possible. And all the while, their darting hands continued to
explore the rest of their bodies, bringing with them a playful
mix of hard and soft touches. Lower and lower they ventured,
until almost simultaneously, they both arrived at the precious
treasure between their legs. Their bodies 1860 pregnant atire
interlocked, their lips intertwined, Nyota
and Elizabeth each slipped three fingers deep into the other.
Twin moans amateur hand 20 of delight, echoing deep in the other's mouth,
encouraged them to press even 12yo sister torrent deeper. An encouragement that
was hardly needed. Each had one hand deep SEX TUB4 DOG PORNO
within the other's sex and the
other pressed hard against their breasts. Fervent kisses
continued to be shared, matching the rising temperature of
their bodies as they quickened their pace. A pace that became frantic as a shared enthusiasm and
desire propelled them far down the road to bliss. Each had
decades of experience, as well as the secrets of many worlds
that they could draw upon, skills fucking girle age 16 that they couldn't wait to
share with the other. It was impossible to tell which of them climaxed first,
but it was enough that the second joined her scant heartbeats
later. A raging ecstasy ripped through both their bodies,
crashing between them and then resounding back upon each
other. "My God, " Elizabeth methyl masterdrol 90 caps gasped as she tried to catch her
breath, "that was ..." "Unbelievable," Nyota interjected as she ran her
fingertips across the blonde's sweaty breasts. "Overwhelmingly." Elizabeth purred as she took Uhura's
fingers and gently kissed them before adding invitingly, "Want
to try nude cuties 12 yo again?" As if there was a chance that either of them was going
to say no. incest sister 6
Not even pausing to finish catching her breath, Nyota
kissed Elizabeth hard, forcing her backwards on the bed. Her
kisses gay vitrolles13127 over continued, working their way once more across her
breasts and down to her stomach. At the same time, a dark
hand started at the ankle of the light skinned woman's leg and
worked age 13-17 nudist pics
its way upward, until it found itself once more between
her legs. There it caressed the bare mound, stoking the fires
within. Fires that burned even more brightly as Nyota's trail of
kisses found their way to that priceless pearl. Using her
outstretched arms to balance herself, Elizabeth arched back
as she spread her ben 10 clothes jacket
legs further open. At the same time, Nyota
used her own version of the formal Vulcan salute to pave the
way for her tongue to slip deep 196 ford escort diesel
within her 3m first touch strip love. "Blessed Great Bird of the Galaxy!" Elizabeth cried out
as she felt the electric touch of Uhura's tongue on her clit. A touch that quickly increased 15 on 1 porn
in speed and ferocity as
Nyota applied the same dedication she brought to the bridge of
the Enterprise to the task of bringing this woman pleasure.
Darting, probing, her tongue and fingers found every sensitive
spot within Elizabeth, playing a magnificent opus. A melody that
reverberated throughout her body, bringing with it an even
greater desire. Elizabeth took hold of Nyota's head and pushed it down
further, driving her deeper inside her. free4 pron It only took a little
more effort, which Nyota was more than willing to give, to push
her to the brink of orgasm. "Oh, God, Nyota!" she cried out as she felt her body
begin to shudder once more, "Yes, yes, Oh God, yes!" Knowing that Elizabeth's explosion was imminent and now
unstoppable, Nyota suddenly abandoned her efforts save those
of her hand and lifted her head up from between the blonde's
legs. Reaching upward with her free hand, she slipped it behind
Elizabeth's head and pulled it down to hers. Their lips met just as bald pussy 12 the fuse Nyota ignited set off one
of the most powerful orgasms Elizabeth had ever experienced.
Ever fiber of her body exploded as the older woman pulled
their bodies tight together, sharing in the detonation. The waves of pleasure lapping over her seemed to last
forever, or at least Elizabeth wished they could have. Through
it all, Nyota 1045 tgp steel
continued to stroke the blonde's special places, to
enhance and prolong her climax. Finally the tides subsided, as the small, still rational part
of her brain knew they must. Still, Elizabeth continued to hold
Nyota tight against her, unwilling to let her go. Something that her new lover had no intention of doing.
They lay locked in each other's embrace for an immeasurable
time, gently stroking the other's body and whispering quiet
words of satisfaction. Finally, reluctantly, Elizabeth slipped
from Uhura's arms and sat up alongside her. "Nyota, I know that this is just one of those Starfleet
things," Elizabeth said as she tried to put the night in
perspective, "after all, a week from now we're going to be
light-years apart for who knows how long. And we're both
feeling amateur cum face 18 a sense of loss about the Captain, but still I want you to
know that..." Her words were cut short by the press of Uhura's
fingers against her lips. "You know, I guess it is true what they say about
Communications Officers," Nyota said in a mock serious tone.
"They do sometimes not know when to shut up." Elizabeth had to laugh, but if anyone porn 5 other than Uhura
had said that to her. "Next week is next week, and tonight is tonight," Nyota
went on, free4 pron
"and we still have a good many hours until tomorrow.
Time that we should make the most of." The message in her words were more than clear as Nyota
leaned over and despite her recent exertions, forcefully thrust
her tongue deep into Elizabeth's mouth. The unexpected, but
nonetheless appreciated resumption of their lovemaking, took
the slightly younger woman by surprise. But only for a few
moments as she was quick, and quite happy, to respond. Rolling on top of Uhura, she continued to share her kiss,
even as their bodies rubbed together. Breasts brushed against
breasts, nipples creating electric sparks as they made contact.
The fires that had so recently cooled burned hot once more as
Elizabeth shifted her thigh so that it slipped between Nyota's
legs, causing her bare mound to press hard against the gray and
black patch that covered Uhura's. Like matter to anti-matter, the reaction was explosive,
causing load moans to fill the air as they ground their bodies
together. Still covered with the sweat and the natural
lubricants of their previous couplings, their bodies rocked hard
against the other. Quickly gone 12yo sister torrent was the fatigue that both had
felt such a short time before. Waves of passion raced across excited flesh as this time
the two women shared a mutual orgasm. Compared to those
that had gone before, these had been mild but extremely
satisfying. But also unlike those, these little delights signaled
the start of something 12yr porn
more rather than the end. Elizabeth continued to orally caress Nyota's body,
covering it with kisses and the wet trail left by her tongue.
She was again drawn to the large, dark nipples she had so often
dreamed about and took them deep inside her mouth. Uhura moaned again appreciatively, as her own mouth and
hands traversed Elizabeth's body. But for gay vitrolles13127 over the moment, the
initiative belonged to the blonde haired woman and Nyota was
content to let her take the lead. Elizabeth's nimble fingers traced a path down Uhura's
center, working their way across the short, curly hairs 16 yers hardcore
guarded her womanhood. Close 8330 porn behind her touch, her talented
tongue and mouth closely followed. 18 nude pussy
Soft kisses announced their arrival, followed by a gentle
penetration deep within. Nyota moaned even louder, savoring a
touch that was already filling her with anticipation. Elizabeth went on to work her own magic between the
older woman's legs. Her technique was different, but no less
effective. Nyota hadn't been the only one who had taken full
advantage of all the cultures the galaxy had to offer. Uhura closed her eyes for a few moments and allowed
herself to drift along on the blissful currents bathing her body.
It would ben 10 clothes jacket
be 1980 s sex so simple to lay back and let Elizabeth do all the
work, but Nyota had a better idea. It only took a moment to present her idea, with body
motions rather than words. Instantly agreeing, Elizabeth
repositioned herself so that her own legs now rested on either
side of Uhura's head and her equally inviting mound rested only
inches from her face. From there it only took a small moment
to close that small gap. Both women quickly fell into a pleasing rhythm, mirroring
the actions of the other. Neither could really be said to be in
control, rather it was the most perfect joint effort possible.
Neither was concerned with their own pleasure, certain that
the other would take care of it. All that mattered in their
hearts was the joy they were so freely giving of. Tiny orgasm followed orgasm, with a repetition too
frequent to keep track of. Each built on the last until finally,
both shared in a soul shaking orgasm that ranma 1 2 hentai rocked them bali panties style 2437 to their
cores. A force so shattering that both lost consciousness, if
only for the moment. -=-=-=- Faded moonlight eventually gave way to the bright rays
of the dawn as Elizabeth and Nyota slept naked in each other's
arms. When they finally awoke, neither was in a rush 775 socket bare bones to pull
themselves from the other. Nyota had been relieved of all
Academy duties until after sex girl 12-16 y.o.
the memorial service and Elizabeth
had already requested leave time while the Lexington was in
Earth orbit. "What are you thinking?" Elizabeth asked after Nyota
seemed uncharacteristically quiet for a while, a far away look on
her face. "Strangely enough, I was thinking of Mr. Spock," Nyota
said as her eyes again focused again on the woman sharing her
bed. "Not my first guess, or even my thousandth," Elizabeth
laughed. "I never suspected you had a thing for our Vulcan
Science Officer." "No, not girls nude 60s
that," Nyota smiled, "at least no more than 901 booties
other woman on board. After all, you hear all the stories about
Vulcan stamina." she party sex 3gp grinned. " What I was thinking about was
when Mr. Spock died." "I'd almost forgotten about that," Elizabeth said,
recalling the event over a decade past. "Spock died saving the Enterprise, and then he came
back," Nyota said. jailbroken iphone 3g "And now the Captain died that way too." "And you think he might also come back?" "No, not really," Nyota admitted, "but if anyone else
could, it would be Jim Kirk." "You ever read Le Morte d'Arthur?" Elizabeth asked. "I preferred The Once And Future King," came the
reply. "Basically the same story," 13yo ls Elizabeth said. "At the end,
as Arthur laid dying, he's taken away to Avalon, leaving behind
the promise that he'd return some day and save Britain." "I remember that part." "So maybe the Captain is still out there somewhere,"
Elizabeth offered, "waiting to return one free mp4 porn video
day when he`s most
needed." "That's a nice thought," Nyota said with a smile. "But until sex girl 12-16 y.o. then," Elizabeth said, "we do honor to his
memory by remembering what he valued." "You know what else I was thinking?" Uhura asked, then
answered herself. "That the Captain, ... Jim, would've greatly
approved of the way we honored his memory last night, both at
the club and here." "You knew 26c tits him a lot better than I did," 12yo sister torrent Elizabeth replied,
"but I think you're right." Uhura smiled, glad to see that her lover saw it the same
way. "And as long as neither of us had to be anywhere for a
while, what say we honor him again." As she leaned 26 seduction forward to kiss Elizabeth, Nyota was sure
that somewhere, out there, Jim Kirk still sat in the center
chair. And if he could see the two of them right amateur hand 20
now, he
would've smiled. A smile she would forever remember.ENDComments are the life blood of any amateur writer,
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